1st Report from Patagonia!


Hello from Bariloche!

We just finished an afternoon ski and we’re heading back to the house now! We had a sleep-in this morning—some of us slept and some of us used it as an opportunity to do some summer homework. A brunch was made in our nice, spacious kitchen. Allie Walton and Lisa Bates have been exploring the local grocery stores, and we’ve discovered that Argentinians eat a lot of carbs and not so many veggies. So, we’ve gotten creative with our meals and we have made it work. 

After a relaxed morning, we headed off to the mountain. Everyone from Club Andino Bariloche [our partner club who spent February with us in Dublin] is so friendly, and they’re always willing to listen as we attempt to articulate our plans in Spanish. The daily ride up the gondola was beautiful, as always. The view from the top never gets old—snow-covered peaks in the distance, a stunningly calm lake, and a perfect layer of clouds. We clipped into our skate skis and did a two-hour ski with a mix of no pole skiing and speeds. The snow was perfect, and it was just warm enough to ski without a jacket and gloves. When it was finally time to finish up, we ran into some fellow Dublin students, Maddy and Adam! They were enjoying a weekend downhill ski with their host families. 


The ski was great and all, but we had to act quickly in order to fill our glycogen window. No need to fear, we found the Milka Chocolate shop and Waffle Cabin—we’ve become frequent customers. 


Tonight we head out to dinner as a group to a local restaurant. The trip has been amazing so far, and we look forward to many more adventures to come!   -Agnes Macy