Sea Lions and the Wall of Tears - Fourth Report from Ecuador/Galapagos

Bette Imhoff

To our loving and fantastic parents!!

Today we started our day at 6 in the morning and started our journey to Isabella Island. To get to the island, we took a 2-hour boat ride across the bright, blue sea. Surprisingly, no one got sick! When we got to shore, we immediately saw sea lions and crabs. To my surprise, we saw a baby sea lion. 


When we arrived at our hotel, I was so excited because there were hammocks and a breakfast buffet. We ate our breakfast, slathered on 5 pounds of sunscreen and headed off to walk around the island. 

On the way, we tried to avoid the sun, by hugging trees and buildings that were shielding us. On our walk, we saw flamingos, iguanas, waves of the ocean and a beautiful old church.

Then one of our favorite parts of the day: going back to the hotel and taking an hour nap. 

After we were well rested, we went out to lunch. The choices were the usual: chicken, beef, fish or the vegetarian option. I got the chicken and it was delicious. It came with rice, beans and a dish of papaya. 

After lunch, we started our bike journey to the wall of tears. At first, the bike ride was a breeze; I could do it in my sleep. To my dismay, there were many uphills. However, all those mountainous uphills became fun and easy downhills. 


The Wall of Tears was created by prisoners of Ecuador. These prisoners were forced by their government to build their own prison. They would go through horrible conditions. They would walk miles with twenty-pound rocks on their backs and if they stopped, they would get whipped. The Wall of Tears got its name from the sound of crying at night, from the prisoners. 

Seeing the wall was breathtaking. Imagining the pain and suffering the prisoners went through gave me chills. There was a trail off to the side of the wall and it went to the top of the mountain. I thought the stairs were never going to stop, however, it was all worth it for the breathtaking view. 

We ended our day with a delicious meal and a competitive game of cards. We’re all excited to get a good night of sleep and    get prepared for our hike up a volcano.