First Day of Spring?

Skiing for cookies...

When our students left for their March break it felt like spring in Dublin. While they have been gone we have experienced two nor'easters! The Dublin School Nordic Center has been busy with skiers traveling from around New England to experience some of the best skiing we have ever had here in Dublin. One of my favorite things to do when we have this much snow is to ski up to the high point of our trail system on Beech Hill and then ski down seven hundred feet of vertical to buy a cookie at the Dunlin General Store. It just feels old-fashioned and fun, and I love doing this trip with any group of kids who will humor me!

General Stores are an important part of our communities here in southern New Hampshire. Yesterday I had lunch at the Harrisville General Store with art teacher Earl Schofield and we had conversations with six different individuals that we would not normally meet on any given day. Like our local library and Community Center, these general stores bring us together in a way that builds community. Thank you to our generous store owners and employees who wake up early in the morning to cook and prepare their stores to provide us with such an important service.

Postscript: A week after writing this blog I came across the following article about one New England general store and its importance to the local community. A great read: