Vanessa Martinez ’07 - Assistant Marketing Manager - Assembly Row


Vanessa Martinez ’07 is the Assistant Marketing Manager and leads the marketing of Assembly Row, a mixed-use shopping center in Somerville, MA right off the highway going into Boston. This neighborhood is a first of its kind with a mixture of outlet retail, entertainment, restaurants, residential, office, and public open space in a neighborhood setting with access Boston by T, bike, or car. Vanessa is responsible for developing and implementing a multi-faceted, research-based strategic marketing plan for the entire complex. She works to successfully implement branding, events and promotions, public relations, community outreach, advertising, and customer service all with a goal of driving revenue, supporting sales, and building a vibrant business community. 

At Dublin, “I was able to hone in on my own voice and develop as a young adult." She credits her involvement in theatre, dance, and extracurricular activities for overcoming her shyness and being as extroverted as she is today. "Dublin is a truly a special place that I always brag about to people because it is a one of kind experience that really molds you into the person you will ultimately become.” 

Outside of work, Vanessa has been teaching and taking a great deal of yoga. She started taking classes in 2013 as a way to meditate and find a relaxing alternative to running. She believes yoga can shape one's mind, body and soul and is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can catch her at Core Power Yoga in Boston where she teaches a vinyasa flow class and another using weights called “yoga sculpt”