Wednesday Racing - September 27, 2017

A few notes about the data below, although I suspect most students will jump right to the last column and then skip the rest...  1. These results are for boat TEAMS, not individuals.  2. These results only show final placing in a 8-race regatta, they say NOTHING about each team's and each individual's PERFORMANCE over two afternoons of racing.  3. EXCEPT for Deven and Aidan each boat team was comprised of a novice sailor and a seasoned-sailor.  4. Every novice + seasoned team alternated crew positions each race. 5. Results varied greatly depending on if the seasoned or novice team member was the driver, this is to be expected.  6. EVERY DUBLIN SAILOR NOW HAS MULTI_DAY RACE EXPERIENCE. 7. Note in the 'discard' column how many boats, even one's which placed high in the fleet, had a finish (the 'discard') near or at the bottom of the fleet.  8. There will be more racing next week, and with different boat teams




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