Crossing the PRISM Line

 Excavation for Dublin School PRISM Center expansion.

Excavation for Dublin School PRISM Center expansion.

As if building a new “Slopeside” Dormitory, expanding the Louise Shonk Kelly Recital Hall and rebuilding the David E. Howe Administration Building were not enough, the Dublin School Board of Trustees has approved commencing construction on the Dublin School PRISM Center. This project is a creative reuse and expansion of the existing library building.  The project will bring together the mathematics, science and computer science disciplines into one space for the first time.

For students, the PRISM Center will have the teaching, laboratories, programming, robotics and maker spaces necessary for developing answers to difficult questions. Multiple breakout areas and discussion spaces are strategically placed throughout the center to encourage group exploration and to ensure that the center is a comfortable and reassuring home for scientifically driven students. Glass walls in all the classrooms/ laboratories will provide greater educational transparency and stimulate participation, questioning and curiosity that extends across campus.

I am excited at the prospect of physical space so brimming with curiosity and opportunity that students are inexorably pulled in through the sheer gravity of it all.  As an educator, I am personally excited at the chance for collaboration that this new space will promote. The physical proximity of having these disciplines under one roof opens up immense new opportunities for teachers and students alike. I anticipate the PRISM building being abuzz with student activity well beyond the confines of the academic day.

Importantly, the entire STEM faculty will share a large working space designed to foster cross-disciplinary programming, to share best practices and to better assist students make connections between courses and grade levels. For faculty, the PRISM Center will
be foundational in promoting cross-disciplinary teaching and exploration.  Unlike the recent past, each of the scientific, mathematical and programming/making disciplines will be co-housed in the PRISM Center.

I can't wait to be in the new space so that we can finally be all together to better collaborate. I'm also excited for the refreshed and more carefully designed lab space.

The PRISM faculty is so excited about the new PRISM Center that they got together on their own and decided to make a group gift to the project. As a result, every member of the PRISM faculty contributed significantly to this groundbreaking facility.  The PRISM Center has been funded through the generosity of the Dublin School community. While the basic construction costs have been fully funded, we will continue to raise funds for this project. Any additional dollars raised will be dedicated to increasing the quantity and quality of scientific and engineering equipment available to students for research. 

The PRISM Center is being built by Hutter Construction Corporation (New Ipswich, NH) who is also managing the construction of the other three projects.  By combining the timing of all four projects, significant economies of scale and efficiencies will be achieved. 

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