Long Distance Canoeing the Charles

On Sunday, April 30th, a group of 18 Dublin School students, faculty, and even one parent, took part in the Run of the Charles, a 24-mile canoe race on the Charles River, from Dedham, MA to the outskirts of Boston. With so much student interest in Reach the Beach and the Canadian Ski Marathon, this race provided a unique opportunity to round out our extra-curricular endurance offerings. It proved to be a formidable test of strength and will, with miles of slow-moving, upwind stretches of river.  In addition to paddling, teams were required to navigate a series of 6 portages, ranging in length from 200 yards to ½ mile. 

Dublin fielded two eight-person relay teams, as well as one two-person boat for the 19-mile non-relay event. In what has become a common theme at most of these events, Dublin’s were the only teams comprised of high school students. The relay teams finished in the middle of the pack 34th and 35th out of 68 teams, with overall times of 5:17 and 5:19 respectively. That is more than 30 minutes faster than the fastest college team that competed. Not bad for a group of students with mixed experience, paddling canoes that were designed more for durability than speed! Special congratulations are in order for Aggie Macy, Lilly Bates, and Robyn McIntosh, for doubling up and paddling two sections of the relay course!

The 19-mile team consisted of seniors Jared Lewis and Warren Umbach who completed the entire 19-mile course in 4:36, with an average pace (including portages) of 4.1 mph. This too is particularly impressive given that they were paddling a short, wide boat that we came to refer to as “the bath tub”. The 19-mile race was dominated by experienced racers in light, streamlined canoes, which left Dublin as one of only two boats competing in the “recreational” class. In that sense it was more of a personal test, one that they passed with flying colors by maintaining a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm throughout. 

Thank you and congratulations to all of the remaining Dublin Participants (listed below), and especially to Charley and Kelly Pelissier (parents of Maddy ’20) for their enthusiastic support and participation. 

Team Shamrock:
Olivia O’Rourke, Grady Allen, Jack Pierce, Jung Yun, Aggie Macy, Lilly Bates, Andy Hungerford, Grace Harrington

Team Moxie: 
Holly Macy, Lucy Selby, Harrison Atlas, Theresa Barth, Eric Nemitz, Robyn McIntosh, Maddy Pelissier, Charley Pelissier

Team “Bath Tub”
Jared Lewis, Warren Umbach

Dublin School

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