Can Jewelry Heal? 

According to Dublin alumna, Jillian Steele '13 it can.  Jillian's work recently took center stage during the senior art show at the Wood-Gerry Gallery at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  A stunning collection of "halter" type necklaces, which would have looked equally at home in a NYC store window on 5th Avenue, Jillian carefully combined leather, stone, metal and wood into wearable art that does more than just look pretty. 

"My chest pieces aim to alleviate something psychological, something that is real to the wearer but often ignored by the rest of the world." Jillian explains that the sympathetic system regulates our "fight or flight" reflex which can be falsely triggered by a test or public speaking or in extreme cases, cause chronic anxiety, a condition that she has struggled with herself.  Her weighted chest pieces help to "calm down the the physical response of an anxious mind" -  non-drug approach that is safe, innovative and beautiful.  

"More often than not we seek a professional opinion to help with these unpredictable negative feelings, and more often than not these professionals recommend strong medications with hefty side effects. For some people it works, for others, myself included, these medications cause more harm than good....  The weight of the chest pieces provides more than one avenue of comfort; the wearer receives a weighted embrace, or a window into another world...."


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