Crew at Granite State 4+ Championship Regatta - Sunday, May 21, 2017

The boys and girls boats travelled up to Lebanon, NH to participate in the Granite State Championship Regatta on Sunday. There were six teams involved in this race for boys and girls 4+ boats. The "+" in rowing terminology indicates that the boat has a coxswain, the most essential person in any crew! The coxswains have to steer the boat, motivate the crew, and direct the athletes both on land and on the water. The rowers are visible to spectators while the coxswains are usually lying down in the front of the 4, keeping as low and aerodynamic a profile as possible, and are largely unseen. Their effort, however, is the glue that holds their boat together and maximizes their speed.

It was a successful day of racing for the various boats, and each individual boat also scored points towards a team total. Dublin finished 2nd in this team category. The boys Varsity and 2nd Varsity boats won their races by wide margins, putting lengths of open water between them and the next fastest crew. The girls Varsity boat raced courageously and sprinted furiously to claim 2nd place in their race. The girls 2nd Varsity also had a tremendous sprint to move into 3rd place in their race. The novice boats all raced well and finished with their best pieces of the season. The parents and alumni who came to cheer on Dublin were enthusiastic in their support of the team.

After the racing, the Seniors posed for one last photograph together; it was a bittersweet moment, recognizing all that the group had given to Dublin crew during their years at the school and celebrating the success of the 2017 season. Many thanks to Joey Hines, Jared Lewis, John Sandstedt, Eliza Siegel, Will Stanhope, Warren Umbach, G.H. Werowinski, and Michelle Zhong for their leadership of the team.

Dublin School

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