Crew at Dublin - Saturday, April 29, 2017

On a warm, blustery, partly cloudy day, Dublin hosted a race against Lebanon and Great Bay. The strong cross-tailwind made for tricky race conditions on the course, and the coxswains all deserve high praise for handling the conditions. The novice group got to experience their first race of their career, and the goal was simply to get to the finish line with the best possible effort.

Congratulations to JP Borrego, Alex Antonellis, AJ Lee, Jack Li, Nemo Chen, Patrick Gu, Michael Blieberg, Jack Pearce, Rohyn Contreras-Schofield, Imogen Von Mertens, Lucy Selby, Lauren Ryder, and Nancy Rose Unser for all the hard work they've done these past weeks to get ready for this race day. 

The boys 1st and 2nd 4's each took control of their respective races early and showed excellent poise and power. With their crisp start, strong work during the body of the race, and efficient sprint, they both won by open water over the other teams. The group felt proud of their efforts and their victory against strong competition.

The girls 1st 4 recovered quickly from a bad start. The first half of the race was close between all four crews, with Great Bay A slowly taking control. Dublin had a powerful sprint that solidified a second place finish. The girls 2nd 4 were challenged by the wind conditions and did not finish the race. The girls 3rd showed the tremendous progress they made this week by finishing second closely behind Great Bay and ahead of Lebanon.  

The MVP's of the regatta, however, were the parents and the Dublin Development team of Erika Rogers and Eric Russell and the varsity parent grill team - Beth and Lennox Brown, Don Unser and Joy Lewis who provided food, food, and more food for all the rowers! They had a grill going, and the cheeseburgers and hotdogs were much appreciated by everyone. They had so much food that they invited visiting teams to come over and enjoy some too. It was a great scene and symbolic of the camaraderie of rowing.

Dublin School

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