A Hidden Time-Capsule Restored

When Dublin senior John Sandstedt found a pile of old 16MM film reels above the woodshop, what looked like a bunch of old junk to most people, looked like a worthwhile challenge to John.

 John Sandstedt

John Sandstedt

Having restored old film before; often after rebuilding the associated projectors to view them, John thought the old film could be valuable to the School if he could digitize them. After checking that he had permission to try, John set to work buying the necessary projector components on Amazon, tinkering in his makeshift workshop in his dormitory, all the time following meticulous procedures not to further damage the delicate strips of film.

Having got one reel to work, he showed it to Alumni Director, Erika Rogers and asked if he could do some more and share them with Dublin alumni to try and help identify the places and faces. The answer was - Yes Please!

126 hours later, John has successfully digitized 14 reels containing footage as early as 1937 and iconic Dublin events such as skating on Dublin Lake, playing soccer on Memorial Field, sailing and of course skiing! John's work has truly opened a time capsule long forgotten, and we hope you enjoy taking a glimpse of Dublin's joyous past.

John's ingenuity, dedication and Dublin's "look under the hood" approach to problem solving, is 100% Dublin....

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