Girls Tennis vs. Winchendon School - Loss - (4-5) - April 14, 2017

The overall match result was 4-5 with Dublin losing by a mere two games!!  Very exciting and many many incredible points for a match to be proud of.  Great first match of the season.


  1. Taya Kerwin lost to Ting Ting Jiang 8-0
  2. Grace Harrington lost to Arianne Charette 8-1
  3. Mya Kerwin won against Rosie DeLerme 8-6
  4. Olivia O’Rourke lost to Naz Sahin 8-2
  5. Seo In Cho won against Yvette Jiang 8-3
  6. Georgina Yang won against Taegan McGuire 8-0


  1. Taya Kerwin and Mya Kerwin lost to Ting Ting Jiang and Arianee Charette 8-6
  2. Olivia O’Rourke and Grace Harrington lost to Rosie DeLerme and Naz Sahin 8-3
  3. Seo In Cho and Antonia Bean won against Yvete Jiang and Taegan McGuire 8-0

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