Revisit Day Thrives Despite Awful Weather

Private school Admissions professionals always pray for good weather for their scheduled Revisit Day.  Conventional wisdom has it that bad weather makes for a bad day and year.  Dublin’s revisit day this year was held on April 6th - perhaps the wettest, greyest, chilliest, most outwardly depressing day of the year.  

All that I know to be good about Dublin shone through today -- despite the clouds, rain, wind and general Wrath of God weather.
Parent Class of 2021

37 families attended Dublin’s Revisit Day this year. Of those, 28 (76%) have subsequently enrolled their student for the 2017/2018 school year.  This is easily the highest revisit day enrollment percentage in the school’s history. It has also resulted in our largest incoming freshman class with 36 students currently enrolled. Gratifyingly, almost all of the students who enrolled chose Dublin over terrific alternative choices for next year.

So what was different?

From the moment we stepped on campus I knew why our son felt like Dublin is home.  Warmth, fun and excitement to be part of the Dublin community was palpable in each encounter with students, faculty, staff and current parents.  ... the main impression I walked away with was the genuine care members of the Dublin community have for each other and the importance each person plays in making up that community.  Parent class of 2021

The Admissions Department decided to make some changes during the recruitment season that were designed to make sure that families would experience Dublin at its most authentic level.

1 -  A series of print materials and videos were sent to prospective families between applying and Revisit Day.  The print materials were designed to directly answer questions that often come up for prospective families: questions concerning our size, community and academic program.  Videos were internally produced which focussed on current parents' comments on the school’s impact on their students and current students' experience with Dublin academics.

2 - Revisit day was re-tailored to be directed at both parents and students as two groups. Instead of a holistic experience, the day was structured so that both groups could experience Dublin from their differing point of view. Three common events: morning meeting, advisee lunch and the “No Limits” fair tied the day together.

Map of "No Limits" Fair

The fair gave me new interest in sports like lacrosse, skiing, and soccer, sports that I would have never considered to play during my freshman year. I can not thank you enough for the opportunity to be a student at Dublin.
Student, Class of 2021

Otherwise, students experienced the day through the eyes of a student. Instead of sitting in on upper level classes, freshman attended freshman level classes with their potential classmates. They also spoke with students at a student panel hosted by Dublin students without any faculty supervision or interference.  Parents met with administrators, current parents and dorm leaders so that any questions about academic or social programs, safety and college placement could be addressed openly. Finally, parents were invited to drop-in on any class that was occurring during the afternoon session.

3 - A “No Limits” fair took over the Whitney Gymnasium.  We showcased all of the programs, clubs and athletic offerings of the school. It was designed to be visual and interactive - horses and the snow groomer flanked the entrance, a crew shell, fully rigged 410 racing sailboat, mountain bikes, musical instruments, art and writing awards, skis of all widths and lengths, wood splitter, sports trophy stand and a rope climbing robot were among the visual displays. The highlight of the fair however was the enthusiasm of coaches/teachers and students in talking about their passions. 

So despite awful weather, Revisit Day 2017 was an overwhelming success. It is a testament to the enthusiasm, warmth and excitement of our community.

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