Three New Construction Projects Beginning

On April 12th, the Dublin School Board of Trustees unanimously approved moving forward with a series of construction projects that will begin in May and extend through the fall and early winter.  In response to continued growth in the school, Dublin will begin the construction of three projects:

New Lobby and Expansion of the Louise Shonk Kelly Recital Hall

  • Expansion of the Louise Shonk Kelly Recital Hall - The Louise Shonk Kelly Recital Hall is the center of campus life as we start every morning with morning meeting in its “cozy” confines.  The expansion calls for removing the existing end wall and increasing the stage end of the recital hall thereby expanding seating and creating a more voluminous area for performances. The small stage will be removed and replaced with a flat performance space in order to allow increased flexibility.   The new end wall will contain multiple windows to allow for natural light in the space.  

Louise Shonk Kelly Recital Hall massing model

On the exterior, a new entrance will be built facing the driveway circle and the existing entrance will be removed.  The new entrance area will included much needed bathrooms and the lobby area will benefit greatly from the removal of the existing entrance. The combination of removing the existing entrance and building the new expanded entrance will make the lobby bigger, lighter and more enjoyable.

David E. Howe Administration Building

  • Rebuilding the David E. Howe Administration Building - The David E. Howe Administration Building was originally constructed in the early 1960s and served the school faithfully as a classroom space and, more recently, as the administrative center of the school.  Unfortunately, degradation of some of the materials in the building led to issues for our employees. The new David E. Howe Administration Building will be a two story separate structure located just off the circle.  The new building will house the Admissions Office and Head of School. 

The Admissions Office will be located on the first floor and will have a large living room that opens directly on the quad. Glass doors and windows will promote views of the quad for visitors.  Visitors will enter directly from the circle and interview offices will on the right (south) side of the building as they enter.  On the second floor, the Head of School’s office will overlook the quad.  Additional administrative offices will be located on the south side of the building.

"Slopeside" Dormitory - cladding material subject to change

  • New “Slopeside” Dormitory - A new dormitory will be built on the site of the existing Outing Club (the old Art Studio building) and extending up the slope adjacent to the Norm Wight Ski Hill.  The new dorm will both replace existing housing and increase dorm capacity.

The new dormitory will have a commanding view of Crotched Mountain and the Pack Monadnock range. The new two story dorm will house 24 students and will include a mix of double and single rooms that will increase flexibility.  The dorm will also include two larger faculty apartments to accommodate our rapidly growing faculty families on campus. The basement of the faculty wing will include a new outing center with both storage and equipment maintenance areas and walkout access to the Norm Wight Ski Hill and a trail to the Dublin Nordic Center.

"Slopeside" massing model

Hutter Construction Corporation (New Ipswich, NH) will be managing the construction of the three projects.  By combining the timing of the three projects, significant economies of scale and efficiencies will be achieved. It is hoped that the PRISM Building and Michael and Mary Cornog Library projects will be fully funded in the coming weeks (we are very close to having a fully funded project and are looking to complete fundraising shortly), thereby increasing the economies of scale in constructing all four projects during the summer and fall. 

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