Report from Peru - On to Ollantaytambo

March 18

Today we had a more of a relax day. Some of us stayed at the hotel to rest a bit more and the rest just went on a very nice hike on the Pinkulluna mountains.

The view was spectacular and the weather was perfect. While we were hiking, we came across some Incan ruin, that was very interesting to walk around.

Two-thirds of the way, up we stopped at some more Incan ruins to have a snack, and where we had a small offer that consisted of having our hands cleaned before picking out three coca leaves, we arrange them in a source of clover before our guide told us each clover meant.

They were the trilogy of Inca cosmetology. They represented the three guardians which were the puma, the condor, at the snake. They also represented Our past, our present, and our future.

We then had a minute to pick what each leaf represented. Once we decided, we blow out leaves on each one. Afterward, he told us to place leaves in a pile on a rock that we brought along which represented our sins.

Having done this, Ricardo toss all the coca leaves off the side of the mountain. We then moved on and reached the end of the trail about 15 minutes later. Here we are lunch next to more Incan ruins. After lunch, we had a go at the mannequin challenge, which was awesome Considering the amazing view that we had. Having done this, we started the descent. We then went back to the hotel, where we rest for a bit before going Into town to do Some more shopping. At 18:30, we met up in the hotel lounge to head off to dinner at a local restaurant. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and relaxed.

March 17

Today was our first full day in Ollantaytambo. Our morning was spent
working with students of the local school on a service project. It was an
amazing experience being able to give back to the community and create a
bond with the children there.

We scrubbed the walls that were constructed by the Incas to prevent
degradation by the build-up of pollutants and other organisms on the rock

March 16

After our good byes to our host families we took the long road to Pisaq. On
the way, we stopped at an Alpaca and Llama sanctuary, where we had the
opportunity to feed them.

We arrived in the Pisaq market, where we were able to improve our bartering
skills, then we got back on the road to Ollantaytambo.

On the way, we stopped so everybody could try some street guinea pig. When
we got to Ollantaytambo, our guide Hans brought us to ancient Incan ruins
where we had an amazing view of the Andinian mountains.

After that, we had time to explore the Ollantaytambo market and get ready
for dinner. We look forward to tomorrow's service project!