On to Cusco

Today has been an incredible day. It was a bit hectic  because of our flight to Cusco. But we are safe and sound in our homestays.

We started our day learning about the Pre-Colombian culture at the Larco Museum in the beautiful neighborhood of Pueblo Libre. Here we learned with Cecilia our guide how the indigenous lived in Peru many centuries ago. She explained what they wore, ate, their belief systems etc. 

After that we had lunch at a restaurant call Tanta which is part of a chain of the renowned Peruvian chef call Gaston. It was amazing. Peru is renowned for the variety and quality of both its indigenous and modern cuisine. Peru has many different temperature zones and a very fertile fishery which means that an amazing array of foods are grown or harvested throughout Peru.

We headed to the airport and had a little bit of a delay but we got to Cusco around 5:30 pm.

After listening to all of the rules of each homestay we began our incredible experience of living and sharing the house of a local person. All the families cooked a very delicious and Peruvian dish for us. In each house there are three of us and we are speaking only in Spanish with the families which is great for us and our process of learning the language and the culture.

We are heading to bed after a tough but amazing day.

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