On Teaching

Every winter I spend an hour with every teacher on campus talking about their year so far, the year ahead, our students, and the School in general. These meetings are educational for me, they help me generate new ideas, they provide unique insights into our students, and leave me inspired by the level of commitment of our faculty. As an example, last week I met with a teacher who told me that our job as teachers is to see more in a student than they see in themselves and then work intentionally to bring those things out of our students. They described how students will tell us they have done their very best work on a project or assignment, and our role is to help them see how much more they are capable of accomplishing.

The art of teaching comes in those moments when we find the right way to negotiate that conversation so that the students work with us to go deeper into their work. This individual's goal as a teacher was for their students to feel their own personal growth and develop greater confidence in themselves. As a parent of two Dublin students and as Head of School I see this growth weekly, but it is powerful to see the intention behind the growth we witness in all of our students.