Match the Senior to their Project

An interactive sneak peek!

This year’s Senior Projects are well underway, and will be formally shared with the community in the spring term. The eleven projects range from hands-on to research-based inquiries into topics that each senior has chosen and developed over the course of the first part of the year. The course offers seniors a chance to pursue  in-depth an interest of their choosing and to design a curriculum of research and action items with the guidance of their teacher and a mentor. To give you a glimpse of the projects underway, each senior designed a visual of work in progress, inspirational or significant quotes, and/or creative stories or images that represent aspects of their project.

Here’s a game!

Can you match the senior with his or her project? Do so and get a special invite to our end of term “Soiree” where you can learn more about each project and the major learning challenges and rewards each senior has experienced thus far this year.

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