Snowboarding at Ragged Mountain Resort - February 15, 2017

The Snowboarding team took to the lovely Ragged Mountain on Wednesday for the last slopestyle competition of the season. The course, by far the longest of the season, offered a few unique challenges to our riders: a cannon rail to start, two down flat down options--one rail and one box--and two sizable jumps. The stakes were set high after Proctor's number-one rider pulled a 360 off of the cannon rail.

Yifu Zhang (Beijing, China) and Jack Pearce (Milford, NJ) took big risks that paid off: while both have been riding boxes comfortably during the season, they each rode the cannon rail, marking the first time that either of them had ridden any kind of rail feature. Alissa Muise (Blue Hill, ME) and Imogen VonMertens (Hancock, NH) hit impressive ollies off of each knuckle, and Lucy Martin (New Canaan, CT) smoothly took down the box feature on both rides. Emil Hristache (Peterborough, NH) landed a frontside 270 off of the rail cannon and a smooth method off of the second jump. Arthur Garcia (Union City, NJ) took down the box in style, and Garret Autera (Roswell, GA) continued his characteristic frontside 180s. Alexander “AJ” Simpson's (New York, NY) classic freestyle moves were also at home in this park; he continues to work toward a frontside 540. We have faith in you, AJ! All in all, it was a mellow and fun day for all.

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