Dublin Boys win St. Paul's Sprints, Dublin Girls 2nd!

Dublin Nordic had another exciting day at Proctor Academy where the St. Paul's crew organized their annual sprint race. The Dublin boys came away with a convincing win while the girls came within just 5 points of catching the Holderness Team. The races started with heats of 15 skiers skiing a 1.2km loop. From there each skier was assigned to either the semifinals or to a consolation final. 

The girls dominated their heats with all girls making the semifinals and Robyn and Lilly winning their heats. The top six girls from the semifinals went on to ski in the "A" final, with the next in the "B" final and so on until 36 girls had raced. In the finals Sita finished 27th and Olivia 25th. Olivia had one of her best days of racing in the last two years and came up big for the team.