Matthew Real ’03 Vice President - Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Matthew Real ’03 is the Vice President at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. who runs their wealth management offices in Maine and New Hampshire.  He is focused on promoting innovation in financial services, and challenging the status quo on behalf of the individual investor.   Matt completed his undergraduate work at Southern New Hampshire University in International Business.  He also received an MBA in Management, and Masters in Financial Planning from Bentley University.

Matthew Real

Matthew Real

Creating a workplace that promotes diverse perspectives, and allows his team to accomplish things they may not have thought possible is something he is passionate about. This comes from his belief that it is the leader’s role to serve the team and those who are stakeholders in the success of the team.

This leadership philosophy is heavily influenced by the experiences he had at Dublin. Matt’s best friends at Dublin were from diverse backgrounds and locations around the world. Matt also enjoyed leadership opportunities at Dublin such as Proctor, Class President, and Captain of the Soccer and Basketball teams. These experiences gave him the opportunity to learn leadership skills that serve him in his life and career today. 

Matt encourages all Dublin students, and the broader Dublin community to consider that you can lead positive change in your community or workplace without having any formal authority or a leadership title.  “Not everywhere will you find the tolerance, diversity, truth, and courage you found at Dublin. It’s our responsibility to bring those Dublin virtues with us wherever we go.”  Today Matt resides in Bedford, NH with his wife Jacqueline, and son Matthew Jr.