Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Putney School - Win (5-3) - November 11, 2017

Boys soccer played their last game of the season against Putney School on Saturday.  Attempting to avenge an earlier 3-1 loss to Putney, Senior striker Fab Joseph (Easton, PA) and goaltender Josh Hochberg (Teaneck, NJ) put on a show in their last game wearing Dublin blue. Joseph broke through a physical Putney defense and drilled a shot into the net.  Will Boot (Larchmont, NY) then converted on a penalty kick before Joseph converted twice more on great individual efforts. A potential fourth goal from Joseph hit the crossbar on the underside but somehow stayed out.  

Putney pushed back and, despite heroic goaltending from Hochberg, narrowed the score to 4-3.  With lengthening shadows, Putney seemed to have the momentum, until freshman Exavion Clerveau (Boston, MA) was able to break through a double team and pushed the lead back to two.

A bone-chilling ceremony was held to honor the careers of seniors Garret Autera (Roswell, GA); Fab Joseph (Easton, PA); Josh Hochberg (Teaneck, NJ); Jacob Horowitz (Bethesda, MD); and Timmy Stone (Concord, MA).