International Travel 2017

Himalayan India

Dublin has been sponsoring a trip to the Indian Himalayas for several years.  This trip has generally been offered on alternate years.  The trip will leave from Boston Logan Airport on March 8th. The India trip will be roughly 18-20 days returning a day or two before the end of the break. (Final dates will be confirmed once we book plane tickets). The cost will be $2500-$3000 depending on the airfare (cost includes airfare).

Students arrive into New Dehli, where they spend a day exploring and adjusting to the time zone change.  They will then take an overnight train to Kathgodam, where we then take an 8-hour car ride up the winding roads into the mountains.  Their first destination is the village of Chaukori and the Himalaya Inter College, a K-12 school serving the youth of the Himalayas. The Himalaya Inter College serves 850 students and is ranked one of the top schools in the state of Uttarakhand. Students spend the better part of a week visiting classes, making cultural presentations and living with the students. Many fast friendships develop due to the intensity of this experience. 

Students then travel deeper into the Indian Himalayas to the village of Munsiari, where students stay in homestays, and we will have a variety of cultural classes and activities during the day.  Students spend a significant amount of time in natural science classes with Maliki Virdi, a local naturalist and women's advocate.  Students leave Munsiari for an overnight trek to a 13,000 ft. mountain, which is not as scary as it sounds, but does require some significant exertion.

After leaving the Himalayas, students visit the Jim Corbett National Park, where they experience an elephant borne safari in the hope of seeing tigers, otters, crocodiles and more than 650 species of residents and migratory birds. The Jim Corbett National Park is India's oldest and most prestigious National Park.

More information on past trips is available here.

Ecuador and Galapagos

This trip will leave from Boston Logan Airport on March 8th. The Ecuador and Galapagos trip will be nine days. The cost will be $4,000 depending on the airfare (cost includes airfare).  Accompanied by Dublin teachers Bernarda Del Villar and Lindsay Brown, this program will be managed by Envoys, who previously managed our successful trip to Peru. 

Students will arrive in Quito, where they will spend the first three days of the program.  They will explore the beautiful churches, domes, roofs, and views of the Old Town of Quito Ecuador. Together with local guides, students learn about the architecture, culture, and traditions of this city founded in the 16th century in what used to be an Inca settlement. They will also visit the Latitude 0’ Longitude 0’ point that divides the north and south hemisphere. With local guides, students will split into smaller groups to set out and interview people to better understand the view of locals with regards to the US - Ecuador historic and contemporary relationship.

From Quito, they will fly to the Galapagos arriving at Puerto Ayora. Students will split into small teams, each equipped with a map of the town, and spend the afternoon exploring. With over 12,000 inhabitants, Puerto Ayora is the largest human settlement in the Galapagos Islands.

Students will then travel to Tortuga Bay where they will identify the main components of this environment and the relevance to the marine ecosystem. Students will have the opportunity to analyze the characteristics of the marine iguana, which are unique to the islands, and how their eating habits depend on the ocean tides. They will then visit a number of giant Tortoise habitat areas, including the Charles Darwin Breeding Center where students will learn about conservation efforts and spend time bonding with these magnificent creatures. 

They will also ferry among different islands, visiting an old penal colony, fishing village and exploring the local topography and ecology. On the final day, students will climb the Sierra Negra Volcano. The hike up to the top will offer a once-in-a-lifetime landscape of black lava fields, volcanic cones, and breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, students will be able to experience “ field lessons” from local guides on the unique geology of the islands.


Bariloche Academic Exchange


This trip will take place in mid-August, probably from August 9-23. Priority will be given to six students with higher levels of Spanish and the ability to fully represent Dublin School. All participating students must be 15 to 17 years old. The cost of the trip will be airfare ($1200-$1600) plus any required spending money. 


Bariloche is a city in the province of Río Negro, Argentina, situated in the foothills of the Andes on the southern shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake. It is located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park. After the development of extensive public works and Alpine-styled architecture, the city emerged in the 1930s and 1940s as a major tourism center with skiing, trekking and mountaineering facilities. In addition, it has numerous restaurants, cafés, and chocolate shops. A center for European migration in the late 19th century, Bariloche has a diverse ethnic background. (1)

We will be partnering with three schools in Bariloche: Colegio Woodville; Instituto Primo Capraro;  and Colegio San Patricio. All three schools have extensive experience with student exchanges. Two students from each of these schools will come to Dublin in February 2018 and attend Dublin where they will live on campus in dormitory housing.


Our students will live with the exchange student and their family and attend the school of the host student. They will spend two weeks going to school with their host student and will experience total immersion in the life of a small Patagonian city.  This is a tremendous opportunity for students to deepen their Spanish language mastery, explore a unique culture from the inside, and to make new friends from the Southern Hemisphere!

Since their host student will be attending Dublin in February, traveling students will already know their host before their trip. We will have meetings in the spring to prepare the students for the experience.

Club Andino Bariloche Ski Team Experience

This trip will take place in mid-August, probably from August 9-23 and will be available to all levels of Alpine and Nordic ski team members.  There are no age limitations and class of 2018 graduates may petition to join the trip. Total cost is $2500-$3000 including airfare, food, vans, lift tickets, and housing. Alpine may be more expensive due to lift tickets.

We have partnered with one of Argentina’s oldest and most famous ski clubs.  Alpine trains at Cerro Catedral Ski Area, Nordic trails are near the summit of the same mountain.  Students will train (in Spanish whenever possible) not only with fellow Dublin skiers but with Argentinian skiers as well. Our teams will not be traveling as tourists, but as skiers. As a result, an immediate bond will be formed with the Argentinian skiers, who are very motivated to ski with American kids. On-mountain, the focus will be on ski training, technique and strength training.

Alpine skiers will travel and train with Alpine Coach Sandy Eneguess.
Nordic skiers will travel and train with Kathy Maddock. All students will be housed together in team houses in Bariloche. Skiers will have the opportunity to visit the City of Bariloche, some tourist sites and our partner schools in Bariloche. There will be some Spanish instruction in-country.

(1) Wikipedia