Boda Borg Adventures: The Super Banana Room, Quiz Room, and Tough, Tougher, Toughest Challenge

Last week, the Shamrock Duty Team led a trip to Boda Borg in Boston. Boda Borg is a center devoted to real-life challenges called “quests” that involve physical, mental, and creative strength. Twenty-six students attended the trip on Sunday, and they worked in teams of three, four, or five to make it through as many challenges as they could in a fast-paced, adventurous afternoon.

Each Quest at Boda Borg is a series of two to five or more separate challenges. As the Boda Borg site advertises, “Our themed Quests can take place in a jungle, a house, an airplane, outer space, just about any place you can imagine. Each Quest is uniquely designed with mental and/or physical challenges that must each be completed successfully before moving on to the next. That's right… no entering or even peeking at the next challenge of a Quest unless you survive the preceding challenge.”

Students and two faculty members departed from Dublin at 10:30 am and arrived at Boda Borg for two whole hours of questing, which concluded with a late lunch at the Boda Borg taco bar.

Josie Switzer, ’21, notes that the Super Banana Room was her favorite challenge because “it was the hardest level, and whenever [her team] failed, [they] would laugh and start again!” 

Erin Meiklejohn, ’21, found the Quiz Room the most challenging. In this room, questers had to go in and answer a bunch of random trivia questions that became successively more difficult.

“My favorite part about Boda Borg has to be this one room called Tough, Tougher, Toughest,” Meiklejohn notes. “My group had so much fun trying to figure out how to do this room. We worked as a team through every room and motivated each other through every obstacle. Even though we couldn't finish the last room because we didn't have the upper body strength of a god, we still got two stamps and will definitely go back and try it again!”

With many surges of creativity and strength and many more attempts that failed and then needed reassessing, the Boda Borg questers found truth in one principle that is central to Dublin’s ethos as well as Boda Borg’s: the failing is where we learn; sometimes it’s where we learn more about the problem at hand or more about ourselves; and always it’s where we learn more creative ways to help each other succeed.

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