The Winter Warrior Challenge!

The Winter Warrior Challenge consists of 24 tasks this year and will conclude on February 3rd.  To earn a special Winter Warrior Challenge t-shirt, a student or faculty member must complete 18 of the 24 challenges and submit a video or photographic evidence of completing each task. Any student who completes all 24 tasks receives both the t-shirt and a Winter Warrior hat.  The spirit of this challenge is to get outside, get connected, and take care of each other at Dublin.

Challenge Tasks:

  1. Complete a winter hike and reach the summit of a local mountain.
  2. Go ice skating. 
  3. Go Nordic skiing. 
  4. Go snowshoeing. 
  5. Build a snowman that is at least 3 feet tall. 
  6. Build a snow fort or quinzhee.
  7. Go either alpine skiing or snowboarding
  8. Submit a video of you reciting your favorite Robert Frost poem. 
  9. Write a poem, haiku or short story about winter at Dublin School. 
  10. Make a snow angel.
  11. Participate in the winter futsal league. 
  12. Attend two school-sponsored off-campus weekend trips. 
  13. Hike to the lean-to.
  14. Take and submit a photo that captures the essence of "Winter at Dublin". 
  15. Go sledding. 
  16. Play winter bocce ball. 
  17. Read a book by a fire. 
  18. Play broomball.
  19. Attend a home Dublin School winter sporting event as a spectator. 
  20. Sing a song or play a musical instrument with friends.
  21. Participate in the cardboard sled race. 
  22. Spend on night camping outside. (If you are a boarding student this must be sanctioned by the duty team leader on duty.)
  23. Prep School Plunge (See Mr. McFall for Details.)
  24. Perform a random act of kindness.

Dublin School

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