Sailing - Race Day on Dublin Lake - September 28, 2016


The team accomplished 5 races - after a clothing detour!

When the air and water cool the team begins to use the School’s dry suits.  These high-tech (and not-inexpensive) outerwear pieces greatly improve students’ ability to stay warm and dry while sailing. While this season we have had, and will again have, warm sunny sailing weather, today the Dublin air temps stuck around 50 with a moist breeze.  Today was the day to bring out the drysuits.

It took a few minutes for everyone to find the correct size suit and for the new team members to learn how to get in and out of theirs (remember hand, head, hand...).  On "drysuit day one" there is only one place to go once you are properly suited-up: into the lake to see if you REALLY stay dry.  Here Mr Pierpont is closely monitoring students with his leak-seeking cell phone app while the team frolics in the shallows off the Whitney Boathouse (photo  1589a)

Wind was from the east which meant racing was at the far end of the lake, except for the final race up the lake "to home" to a finish line just off the boat dock.  In the photo racers are approaching the finish line used for the first 4 races - one end of which is the mid-photo orange pole on the motor boat.  After near-calm winds early in the week Wednesday's occasional white caps were invigorating for the sailors. (photo 1590)

Results for 9/28 racing, note the tie for first place:

Place/Points/Boat Team

1. 12 Henry Luettgen , Winchester MA and Deven Hardikar , Peterborough NH
1. 12 Silas Howe , Amherst NH and Mya Kerwin , Hancock NH
3. 15 Wyatt Switzer , Marlborough NH and Cameron Mackay-Smith , White Post VA
4. 16 Faith Lewis , Bennington NH and Alex Goltz , Dallas TX
5. 23 Taya Kerwin , Hancock NH and Yuanzhi “Jacky" Wang , Beijing China/Rebecca Magruder , Atlanta GA
6. 30 Reed Brencher , Killingworth CT and Hyeong Bin Chu , Seoul South Korea
7. 31 Eric Freeman , Dover MA and Irena Clements , Long Grove IL

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