Formula Renault: Armaan Gandevia’s Senior Presentation

 Armaan Gandevia

Armaan Gandevia

 By Brianna Moore

Senior Armaan Gandevia led the way and gave the first senior presentation of the year. He describes his process in creating his presentation, highlighting the challenges and the inspirations, informing me on his experience with it.

Armaan chose to share his passion for racing with our community because it is his favorite hobby, one with which he felt very with and comfortable explaining to others. His method of describing racing to everyone was to just define what it was generally and then go into detail about the specific type of racing he prefers to do, Formula Renault, and what it means to him.

The biggest challenges he faced while creating his project were finding media to portray his racing skills because his team doesn’t normally keep videos and being worried about sharing one of his biggest passions with people who don’t necessarily care about racing or know much about cars. However, the most delightful and surprising part of the experience for Armaan was that the audience turned out to be very easy to talk to since they were attentive.

Armaan didn’t go through this process alone, though, he had assistance from Ms. Jackson and John Sandstedt. Both helped lots with the editing and perfecting of his presentation. Armaan described how it was helpful to have Sandstedt listen to him recite his piece, and how having a person who didn’t know much about racing gave him a different perspective for sharing his passion. Ms. Jackson played a key role in guiding him through the requirements of the presentation.

From giving his presentation, Armaan learned that although racing is very important to him, he found that not many people knew that about him. As a community, we learned about an important aspect in Armaan’s life and how the experience has been for him.

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