“Even the Toughest Jobs Can Be Rewarding:” Eliza Sigel’s Senior Presentation

 by Mia Brady

On September twenty first we heard from Eliza Sigel in her senior presentation about the life lessons her summer job at the Puritan Ice Cream and Fast Food restaurant has taught her. Through many rough hours, she and her fellow employees worked hard to make sure orders were filled and correct. This is no easy job, but her work ethic showed us all that friendships and lessons can come out of the most difficult of tasks.

Interviewing Eliza about her topic, she expressed the importance this job has to her as she nicely conveyed in Morning Meeting. Eliza wanted to share something personally meaningful with the Dublin community and something that lots of us were unfamiliar with about her before. She decided talking about what it’s like to work with angry customers and long shifts was the best way to show what her summer consisted of and how she grew from the hard moments.

Through the process of preparing for the presentation, Eliza realized that writing about yourself and your experiences can be extremely difficult. It’s one thing to get up in the morning and do something everyday, but a completely different endeavor to try to explain that thing to a large group of people.  

Eliza also mentioned how beneficial her advisor was through this process. Her advisor, Ms. Curtis, kept her on track and helped with the hard parts of writing up the presentation. Feedback from Mr. Curtis and other teachers was very helpful. The support was needed and helped her come out strong, making the presentation what it was.

Eliza backed up her information with personal experiences as evidence. Eliza showed though it can hard and long work, the toughest jobs can be the most rewarding, as well.

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