Sailing at Dublin School - September 24, 2016

Seven boat teams raced on Saturday  in winds which varied back and forth from gentle 5-6 to white cap forming 11-12 mph.  Boat teams had their work cut out for them in 5 races on a 'hot dog' upwind-downwind course. Two TIES in the day's final scores among 7 boats show the boat teams were closely-matched and no one was giving a race away - the competition was real, friendly, and palpable!  Cheers to Mya who took the helm racing for her first time today.

Race results
Place/Points/Boat Team

  • 1/15/ Silas Howe , Amherst NH and Yuanzhi “Jacky" Wang , Beijing China
  • 2/16/ Faith Lewis , Bennington NH and Grace Harrington , Sharon NH
  • 3/19/ Henry Luettgen , Winchester MA and Hyeong Bin Chu , Seoul South Korea
  • 3/19/ Wyatt Switzer , Marlborough NH and Laura Coffin , Keene NH
  • 5/21/ Taya Kerwin , Hancock NH and Cameron Mackay-Smith , White Post VA
  • 6/30/ Eric Freeman , Dover MA and Rebecca Magruder , Atlanta GA
  • 6/30/ Mya Kerwin , Hancock NH and Reed Brencher , Killingworth CT

Dublin School

Dublin School, Schoolhouse Rd, Dublin, NH, 03444, United States