Sailing at Dublin - September 21, 2016

First Wednesday race of the season!  Eight boats in the fleet.  Five races.  Blue-sky afternoon with a surge/fade 4-6 KT breeze, a bit slow for the experienced folks but perfect for new racers.  Boat teams were closely-matched and the boats did not spread apart much during the race.  At least 3 different times boats sailed into fouls and since the team has not formally studied the rules yet (on the Sailing Team we have a strong bias towards kinesthetic and experiential learning!) there will be plenty of opportunity for applied learning in the next class session.

We score races using a low-point system: in each race a boat receives one point for finishing and one point for every boat who beat them.  So a first place finish is worth one point while an 8-place finish is worth 8.  At the end of the agreed-upon number of races the boat with the lowest points wins the day.  Summary of racing:

Regatta finish/Points/Team

  1. 11  Silas and Heyong Bin
  2. 14  Aidan and Laura
  3. 20  Wyatt and Rebecca
  4. 22  TIETaya and Alex
  5. 22  TIEFaith and Jack
  6. 26  Henry and Grace
  7. 31  Deven and Irena
  8. 34  Reed and Jacky

The photo shows the view from the downwind end of the course.  The fleet is rounding the yellow windward buoy just left of middle.  The 6 boats to the left of the buoy have rounded it and are headed back down wind, while the 3 boats to the right are still sailing upwind towards the buoy. The first 7 boats are spaced quite closely together and, due to wind irregularities and individual tactical choices, the boat order did change before they reached the finish line.  With such a closely-spaced fleet the finishing positions are by no means assured until boats actually finishes the race!

Dublin School

Dublin School, Schoolhouse Rd, Dublin, NH, 03444, United States