Turning Something Bad into Good

Geoff Erickson and Ryan Hyde (right) on Mountain Day 2015

When Ryan Hyde (Hollis, NH) was six or seven years old his favorite thing to do was visit the local fire station, where the firemen would allow him to put on their helmets and take him on short rides on the firetrucks. He dreamed of someday becoming a fireman and driving the big truck himself.

As he got older, new dreams emerged that replaced those of his childhood.  Fate would reawaken his original passion however.  

In his freshman year of high school, he sustained a major head injury in a Nordic Skiing collision.  As a result, he fractured his skull and the orbital bones on the right side of his face. Local firemen were the first responders who took Ryan to a regional trauma center. A month later, as he was only beginning to heal, he was riding with a friend when they had a car accident.  Local firemen were again the first responders.

As a result, Ryan joined the Hollis Explorer program, where he was able to be trained and mentored by local firemen.  He also resumed Nordic Skiing and discovered the Dublin School. Shortly after being admitted to Dublin, Ryan went for a neural checkup from his accident where it was discovered that he had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) of the brain.  A rare syndrome, it is unclear whether it was related to his accident.  Requiring brain surgery, Ryan wondered what might happen to him on any given day. 

Inspired by his caregivers, Ryan decided that his childhood passion should become a calling. In his first several years at Dublin, Ryan served as Dublin’s informal emergency tech. This past summer, having turned 18, he decided that he would formalize his training and receive certification.  At a time when other teenagers are typically enjoying summer vacation, Ryan successfully completed both a 300 hour EMT course and another 300 hour firefighting course. He is now a certified EMT and firefighter and a probationary member of the Hollis, NH fire department.

Dublin School

Dublin School, Schoolhouse Rd, Dublin, NH, 03444, United States