An Idyllic Day

 The quad on an idyllic day.

The quad on an idyllic day.

On my way back to my office after lunch today I took a detour and visited a few classes. I am truly humbled by the work our students and faculty are doing together. I have never seen such respect between individuals as they work together to support one another's learning. Here is what I witnessed in these short visits:

Advanced Economics students comparing the market systems of different cities in ancient Greece. Fascinating discussion of luxury goods, agriculture and trade.

AP US History students taking on the personas of the various presidential candidates and advocating for their platforms. The class wanted to learn more about Libertarians.

Students in Pottery were making three pinch bowls using a pound of clay, a half pound of clay and a quarter pound of clay. Each bowl had to have the same wall thickness. Yesterday they made bowls while blindfolded.

Ninth Grade English students shared "ten things they know to be true." They taped their lists to the wall and then walked around the classroom annotating one another's lists in anticipation of a discussion.

Tenth Grade English students listened to Mr. Scalfano read aloud from the first novel they are reading this fall. 

I can't wait to visit more classes.