Learning to Play the World's Game

Coaches Maguire, Scalfano, Johnson and McFall

Evolving to meet new demands

Dublin’s soccer program has been structured like most others. Typically, each team’s style of play and training methods are determined by the team coach. There is usually some collaboration between them, but the coaches are individually charged with conditioning, individual skill development and teaching strategic and tactical play. Players joining Dublin often come from very different soccer backgrounds - from accomplished players coming from different national backgrounds to new athletes looking to play a new sport or simply join a team. It is hard to maximize our impact on the full range of players within the traditional model.

A New Look at Player Development

The New Soccer Program will combine the boys and girls coaches and players into one program sharing a common language, training techniques and style of play. The coaching staff, led by Simon McFall (who has over 20 years of competitive youth soccer, semi-professional, state and regional Olympic Development Programs (ODP), high school and collegiate experience), will implement a unified training and development regime that:

  • Allow students to maximize the development of their individualized level of excellence within the game of soccer;
  • Introduce players to the common language of soccer and create a distinctive Dublin way of playing the game; and,
  • Allow players to prepare for a lifetime of success on and off the field.

Why combine the efforts of the Boys and Girls Programs?

As the game of soccer continues to evolve worldwide, the differences in style of play in both the boys and girls game has narrowed and become more cerebral. Successful programs (whether at the high school or national team level) emphasize players having solid passing technique that allows teams to play a short-passing, possession-oriented game. In the newly evolving style of the game, individual creativity is emphasized. Our focus will be on developing these skills.

Given that players have differing developmental needs, it is our belief that by combining the efforts of the coaching staff and players, we will be better able to serve those varying needs. Creating training environments based on development rather than gender will create the maximum and appropriate challenge for each athlete and allow them the opportunity to achieve both their own level of personal excellence in the game and fitness for life. It will also allow us to tailor the composition of the team based on the playing level of the opponent as every player in the program will share a common vernacular and understanding of the game.

What will be the guiding principles and goals of Dublin School's Soccer program?

A soccer athlete at Dublin will find success in soccer by:

  • Joining the team and getting active by engaging in the World's Game.
  • Focusing on developing your athleticism and refining your individual soccer specific technique.
  • Learning to be a positive team member that trains in large groups, small groups and individually to accelerate your individual development.
  • Learning how to compete with character and achieve the joy it can bring to your life.
  • Learning resilience and how to celebrate your success and face your challenges on and off the field.
  • Leaving Dublin School loving the World’s Game that will give you common ground with people throughout the world.


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