Swedish Strength Workout

I found this workout on one of my favorite Youtube Channels--The Swedish Winter Sports Research Center. They present excellent training and technique information for cross country skiing and they do it with a sense of humor. Here is the video I used to create the following workout: https://youtu.be/jRXB5vEOmC8

Calvin, Lilly and I tried it and did two sets. A note of warning: we were very sore afterwards. Make sure to watch the video to get a sense of proper technique. You will see that we substituted a body weight bench pull for the bench pulls because our gym in Colorado does not have a good bench for bench pulls. You will need to use a metronome or download a free metronome app for this workout. The beat of the metronome mimics the timing of body movements during ski races. We were not sure what to think of the metronome, but we really liked it!

1. One legged squat.

            -one foot raised behind you by 8”. This looks like a stationary lunge.

            -squat down making sure not to drive knee in front of foot.

            -do not shake. Add barbells.

2. Roll Out on Wheels

            -roll all the way out with flat back.

3. Push ups using three benches and metronome.

            -50-60-70 beats per minute. Up on one beat down on the next.

            -hands should be in close like polling.

            -do it until quality suffers.

4. Inverted sit-ups.

            -if you don’t have the equipment they have, just use a sit-up ramp.

            -60 beats on metronome.

5. Bench Pulls

            -bring bar up to hit with power.

            -use metronome for sprint practice.

6. Side Lunge holding weight.

-stand straight holding weight against your body and then step to the side moving weight in front of you.

-butt moves backward over your heel so you are not pushing you knees forward.

            -go side to side. Push off forcefully.

7. Russian Twist

            -70 beats on metronome.

-sit on floor or bench with only your rear end touching. Rotate a medicine ball or weight from one side of you to the other.