Making and Dublin

Comments by Erika Rogers, Director of Alumni & Development at the 2016 Senior Dinner

For those of you who might not know me, my name is Erika Rogers and I am Dublin’s alumni and development director.  And before I introduce our newest class agents, and we hand out your Dublin ties and necklaces for tomorrow, I want to say a few words about the hammers on your table.   

I am sure most of you have heard of the “Maker Movement”  What words come to mind when you think of it? Yes, all of these things are part of the making movement and more.   

My favorite quote about the maker movement comes from a NJ teacher named Laura Fleming.  Laura explains that, “The maker movement is about moving from consumption to creation and from knowledge to action.”

Whether you consider yourself a Builder, an Artist, a Tinkerer, an Engineer, a Writer, a weekend Do-it-yourselfer, or a Hacker – you are all MAKERS.  You are creating your own solutions by using knowledge to make something happen – to bring something into the world that could not have existed without you.

We, your teachers and your families, have done everything possible to help you become a Maker.  We have challenged you to pen your ideas into essays, make furniture, build robots, create art, engineer new music, change the dress code, and sculpt yourself into an athlete. 

The hammer on your table, with your name on it is to help you remember that – You are a maker. 

After tomorrow, you will have a whole new Makerspace to explore, and I hope you will remember one of the most exciting concepts to come from the Maker Movement – that Making is shared experience. 

We share it with open-source programming, we share it on YouTube, Facebook, Kick-Starter campaigns - We share it because we hope someone will look at what we did and be inspired to put knowledge into action - and we if we are really lucky, that person will do what we did even better than we did and show us how.  

The idea of a Maker Culture is old, fueled by the necessity of invention, the uniqueness of making things by hand, the satisfaction of tinkering and the confidence that comes from being self-sufficient.  

Paul and Nancy Lehmann were Makers.  Paul and Nancy literally chopped down the trees, built the buildings, gathered the faculty, found the students and made a school. All without being to watch a You-Tube video…They started a making project that created the school you have enjoyed for the last few years.  As students, you have been part of the build.  Now we need you to be part of the build as alumni.  You will take the lead with your ingenuity, your maker-mentality and your financial support. With your help, we can make this school whatever we want it to be.  

So keep build, share what your making, and help Dublin School continue to be place where creation is valued over consumption and knowledge inspires action.   – Thank you. 

Dublin School

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