Senior Presentation - Sebastian McLinden


By: Hyelom Love

Sebastian McLinden, proctor of Wing & Hollow, had some wise words to share with the Dublin community on Monday morning. Accompanied by his parents, Seb used powerpoint to share what he believed are important life lessons. Seb first slide was titled, “Pick Your Battles”. He used the example of fighting with his mom about taking out the trash. He argued that not always winning a battle has a beneficial outcome. Another life lesson Seb shared with the community was “Appearance Matters.”  As a classy dresser himself, he explained that his first impression on someone is how they present themselves. He believes the way you dress, speak, and interact with other people is a vital step in meeting someone for the first time. Sebastian ended his senior presentation on asking the community to be decent human beings to each other with the way we interacted with each other and people outside of our small community as well.