Senior Presentation - Ma BoNing

By: Sebastian McLinden

On April 5th Ma Boning presented to the school the differences between the Chinese and American school systems. He did so with first hand accounts of both the Chinese and American school systems. Having gone through each of them, he was able to very eloquently elucidate what separates our country from China in the education sector, highlighting such things as how a student can easily be left behind in China if he or she is not determined, while in american schools there is much moreof a safety net in place. Additional contrasts are seen in the way time is spent: in China much more time is spent at school, and while in school all that takes place is learning and test taking, while, here, there is much more time for student-teacher interaction and extracurricular activities. All in all, Ma Boning provided sound insight into the stark contrast, and few similarities of the Chinese and American school systems.