Senior Presentation - Harrison Glaude

By: Harry Flores

Our parents tell us that there comes a point in our lives where we will grow out of our silly and childish ways but on Tuesday April 4th, Harrison Glaude showed Dublin that you are never too old to be high spirited and mischievous. With two good friends and his daring brother Baxter, Harrison takes on the world. The mayhem they cause varies from building soda forts in Target to waiting in line, inside a trashcan, to order a Subway sandwich. Harrison mentions that while he does enjoy “acting a fool” with his friends, he does not view the world in the same way. Aside from his adventures, Harrison also talked about the difficulty he’s had with Dublin over the past four years and how he’s felt his political opinions and ideas have been silenced by the community. However through these difficult times he’s been able to grow a passion toward politics. Going off into college, Harrison will miss his friends and brother but no matter where he goes he will always have a strong bond with them.