A Culture of Inspiration

As a Head of School I think a great deal about school culture. As a history major in college and later as a history teacher I focused my studies and instruction on different cultures and how they operate on the people within them. Interestingly, people do not always recognize the power of culture until they leave one and enter another. The contrast between different cultures is instructive. Culture can limit people or it can inspire or encourage them.

This morning as I watched one-third of our student body dancing in our annual MayFair celebration I studied the faces in the audience. How many of our students saw a friend on stage and wondered if they should join the celebration next year? At Dublin our students cannot say that only dancers dance or athletes play sports. We inspire one another because we know each other so well and we know who is trying something for the very first time. We see each other stumbling as much as we witness each other shining. We gain courage to jump in, sign up and try out. We work hard to build and maintain this culture and it is gratifying when one sees it having such a positive impact on young people. I am so proud of our students for not standing on the sidelines.

Dublin School

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