Girls Tennis vs. Stoneleigh Burnham School - Win (5-4) - April 20, 2016

Great match against a strong varsity squad. Losing the first four singles matches, things were looking dire for the overall match. Facing defeat, the girls would have to win each of the remaining matches.  With no margin for error, the girls rallied and played big, winning the next five matches to win 5-4. 


  1. Halle Ostoyich 5-8 L
  2. Taya Kerwin0-8. L
  3. McLaren Bristol 3-8. L
  4. Seo In Cho0-8. L
  5. Jingxi Li 8-4. W
  6. Grace Harrington 8-6. W


  1. Halle Ostoyich/Taya Kerwin 8-2. W
  2. McLaren Bristol/Seo In Cho 8-0. W
  3. Grace Harrington/Jingxi Li 8-5. W

Dublin School

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