Boys Tennis vs. Holderness School - Win - April 16, 2016

Some gutsy play today Ji, Casey and Owen.  All three played really strong and gained some experience.  Owen down 3-0 and came back to win and immediately went back out to win doubles with Peter.  James struggled the whole match but pulled out a win.  Lots to work on next week.


  1. Yates Desel7-0 W
  2. James Wolpe 7-6 W
  3. Xiang Ji 7-4 W
  4. Casey Burgess4-7 L
  5. Owen Mortner 7-5 W
  6. Peter Spang 4-7 L


  1. Yates Desel /Ji Xiang  7-1 W
  2. James Wolpe/ Casey Burgess 7-2 W
  3. Owen Mortner/Peter Spang6-3. Holderness coach called game.

Dublin School

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