Meet the Faculty & Staff - Matt Parker

Matt Parker joined the Admissions team in the summer; additionally, he has taken on his new role as Dublin’s Boys’ Lacrosse Coach this spring season. From his work with Admissions to his roles as Dorm Parent and Advisor to Head Lacrosse Coach, Parker brings energy, focus, and passion. He has carried his zeal for his profession for some time. He notes that he knew he wanted to work in admissions “after narrowing down some of [his] strengths and desires in a professional sense,” and he has been dedicated to these professional efforts since.

“After my experience at a small New Hampshire boarding school I knew that I felt strongly about the connection between faculty and students in these environments, and I wanted to re-engage with this type of setting,” says Parker. “Working in the admissions office at Dublin gives me a chance to share my passion for our school with prospective students and their families. Dublin is a very inspiring place to work and live, and I think that our visitors can see how wholeheartedly our admissions team loves the school and community.”

In our recent Revisit Day, the campus was abuzz with just this love and inspirational energy. Parker and his colleagues in Admissions certainly showed the engagement about which he speaks.

When it comes to academics, Parker reflects on his time at St. Lawrence University, where he took a course that he describes as “challenging yet rewarding.” The course’s title was “Nationalism, Violence and Memory” and was part of his Global Studies major. In the course, he comments that they “dug deeply into the varying perspectives and memories of people and nations involved in colonization, genocide and other atrocities.” 

“I love courses that stress critical thinking,” say Parker, “and this one was memorable for that reason.” He notes that many a class at Dublin emphasize this same powerful critical thinking.

Outside of academics, Parker’s interests range from his great passion for music to his intense kickboxing training and competitions to his love for dogs. Rumor has it that he might get his own puppy this summer! 

“My dad is a bird hunter and has passed along a passion for training and working with bird dogs to me,” he says. “If everything goes as planned, Dublin will have a new four-legged friend around campus starting in June!”

Parker encourages students to stop by and chat with him about kickboxing or dogs or music. He is a guitarist, and he could “go on forever”  about music or improvise with other campus musicians. “Also,” he mentions, “I love hummingbirds and will be putting out some feeders this summer to hopefully attract them to the Little House yard!” Any avid bird watchers or hummingbird fans should talk to Parker.

One of Parker’s greatest mentors was his high school lacrosse coach, Bill Pottle. “The years that I spent playing for Coach Pottle were special—from top to bottom, each player on our roster adored him and our respect for his leadership brought us close together and united us with a common goal. We all wanted to make him proud, and in doing so we matured as teammates and people.” Pottle helped Parker mature as a thinker and citizen as well as an athlete. His work as a coach also helped Parker develop his deep commitment to the sport.

“Lacrosse is [a] sport that really ‘clicks’ for me,” he says. “Everything about it—the teamwork, strategy, physicality, and the fact that it’s a spring sport when everyone is so happy to be outside again in the sunshine really appeals to me. I started playing around 5th grade and ended up being a two year captain at St. Lawrence. My first season coaching at Dublin just began a couple of weeks ago, but I can already tell that our team has strengths in our senior leadership and willingness to learn. We have quite a few players who had never picked up a stick before, but I’m really excited to see them develop into ‘go-to’ contributors as their Dublin careers progress.”

From the spirit, intentionality, and focus that he brings to the Schoolhouse and the Lacrosse field, Parker’s character and work ethic reflects his investment in helping students and this school develop and progress.

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