Senior Presentation - Halle Ostoyich

By Ava Mackay-Smith

Halle’s Senior Project this year has covered many fields relating closely to academics, achievement, and college success. Through the winter term, she honed in on standardized measures of success implemented in the college admissions process, such as the SAT, and examined how reflective of true academic success it really was, as well as researching other and better techniques of measurements of future success. In this term, she met with Ms. Macy and consulted several studies to look more closely at how college success may or may not be predicted by standardized tests in high school. The culmination of her winter term project was the analysis of test scores compared with perceptions of success among the Dublin School faculty and senior class. In the student sector, this led to some interesting responses and statistics, such as the realization of the widely held perception that the SAT and ACT were poor reflections of one’s academic success thus far and as predictors of the future. In the spring term, her goals are centered around researching the many different paths to success that an individual can take, and the ways in which we, as a society, view the concept of success and when we deem a person “successful.” One area that she is exploring involves the designation of awards such as the MacArthur ‘genius’ grants, and the backgrounds of the recipients of such highly prestigious awards. Hopefully, through this research, Halle will be able to provide insights to the rising senior class to help inform their college process and perspectives about what success in the real world will mean to them.