Senior Presentation - Baxter Glaude

By Robbie Bostrup

In the last senior presentation before March break, Baxter Glaude shared with the school his passion of snowboarding. He talked about his lengthy routine for competitions—and what specific dance moves to include to score the most points. Along with that, he detailed why he was drawn to snowboarding, originally, and why he keeps coming back year after year: the reason being that it is a fun sport that takes advantage of all the snow lying around in excess, just waiting to be shredded. Rather than just staying inside and not doing sports, you can go outside and embrace the winter. At the end of his presentation, he thanked the snowboard team and coaches, Mr. Graves and Mrs. Scalfano, for an incredible season. Even if it was a little warm compared to other years, it was still memorable for both him and the entire team.