Report from India #6

We are currently in a swanky hotel in Nanital. We left Munsiari yesterday morning after some hugs and best wishes from our home stay Moms. We stopped for lunch at the HIC in Chaukori to catch up with "old" friends. There were more tears, hugs and pictures and we made our way to Baijnath. There we found a Hindu temple dating from the 10th century. We happened to be there for their evening prayer ritual at sundown and were invited to participate.

We returned to the temple in the morning and then gave a try at lifting a mystical stone with just our finger tips. After some trial and error and help from.a local we were successful at magically lifting the heavy stone without effort.

We then traveled to Nanital. This lakeside resort has provided some much needed pampering. We have enjoyed our wonderful rooms with full bathrooms, some shopping and sampling of local cuisine, and now will get some rest before we head to Jim Corbett National Park and a evening safari tomorrow.

We arrived yesterday to the Jim Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve and were quickly whisked away on a safari. We spent the better part of the day traveling through forest and grassland in search of wildlife. We saw wild boar, several species of deer and fowl, and even had a close encounter with a bull elephant. After a rest at a very luxurious resort outside of the park, we woke for an early morning elephant ride, gorged ourselves on the breakfast buffet and are preparing to head to the train station in Kathgodam. 

We are scheduled to depart the station at 3:30pm (6am east coast) and should be in Delhi around 9pm. We will spend the night at the same B&B we started our trip back on March 4th. My god, have we been here that long! It's all a blur, but fortunately we have literally thousands of pictures to document our trip.

Our flight from Delhi is 9:20pm on Monday (11:50am 3/21 east coast). We have a layover in Dubai and should be in Boston at 8:40am on 3/22. We look forward to seeing you all soon!