Happy Lunar New Year

 Ms. Knapp, Ms. Zhang, and John Rong’s parents joined students to make dumplings for the New Year. Though the delicious dumplings were gone fast in the Dining Hall, this event marked the start of a series of celebrations. 

Monday’s Morning Meeting included an animated, informative presentation on the history and traditions of Lunar New Year celebrations. Qiuxue Lucia Xia, Seo In Cho, Haofeng Nemo Chen, Jiaxiang Alex Zhang, Jiaqi Logan Du, Yifu Zhang, and Hansu Kim led the community with a presentation rich with photographs, opportunities to learn Chinese greetings, and even a chance to learn how to build fireworks! 

 Following the presentation, Ms. Zhang’s students performed a fan dance. Somali Green, Sean Brown, Nick Runyon, Seb McLinden, Qiuxue Lucia Xia, and Jingxi Li graced the stage with an energized performance. The audience “oohed” and “ahhed” at the jolting snap of the fans that complemented the movement.

 In Ms. Zhong’s classes, students also did some traditional Chinese calligraphy for the antithetical couplets. 

Thank you to all who helped celebrate and share the Lunar New Year with Dublin!