Dublin Dazzle in Scholastic Visual Art Awards

In the Scholastic Art Award pool, only 46% of entries receive any recognition. at all.

All Dublin students who entered received recognition. 

There are honorable mentions, silver keys and gold keys, and silver and gold key portfolios. Portfolio keys are awarded to seniors only, on a body of eight artworks. Seniors can submit two distinct portfolios for adjudication. The portfolio keys are the highest level of prize except the handful of “American visions, Best in Show” Awards. 

As a school, we won twelve Honorable Mentions, ten Silver Keys, and nine Gold Keys. By way of reference, St. Paul’s school—which has between three and four visual art teachers, a huge endowment, and over 500 students—won eight gold keys.

Congrats to this year’s winners:

Dieter Brehm: HM, SK and GK
Katia Dermott: 3HM, 3SK, 1GK
Ceci Lee: 3HM, 2SK, 2GK
Kelly Park: 3HM, 1SK, 3GK
Juli Scharf: 1 SK
Quinn Thomson: 1SK
Juliette Valade: 1HM, 1 GK
Michelle Zhong: 1 HM
Kate Fulshaw: 1SK
Lilly Campbell: 1GK

Ceci Lee and Kelly Park both submitted two portfolios, or two different sets of 8 works each; Ceci and Kelly each won a Silver Key for one portfolio and a Gold Key for the other portfolio entry. 
Congratulations to all!