Five Dublin Endurance Athletes Commit to College Programs

Five Dublin School endurance athletes have committed to college programs over the last two weeks.

Calvin Bates - Nordic Skiing
Middlebury College

Calvin Bates

“I decided to apply to Middlebury because it seemed like the perfect fit for me. The skiing aspect is awesome: they have snowmaking and some of the best trails in the east, along with great coaches and a great team. They host all kinds of races, so I have skied there many times. But I wanted to make sure the skiing wasn't the only aspect of the school that I liked. I love Middlebury’s campus. It's in the mountains of Vermont with tons of great hiking and fly fishing opportunities. Middlebury is also somewhere where I feel like I can succeed academically as well as on the trails. What really influenced my visit were the classes I checked out on my official visit. Although it was hard to understand at times, being in class was really inspiring and got me excited for the next level of academics that college has to offer.”

Joey Hynes - Crew and Soccer
Washington College

 Joey Hynes (cox)

Joey Hynes (cox)

“I decided on to go to Washington College because of their crew program as well as their psychology major. Their sports program suites me well because it is a D3 school so academics comes before athletics much like Dublin. They have a great balance between competitiveness and rowing for the love of it.” 



William Stanhope - Crew
Florida Institute of Technology

Will Stanhope (second from bow)

“I decided to go to Florida Institute of Technology because it had a very well respected rowing team, it was closer to home (William's family lives in the Bahamas), and they have a college of Aeronautics.  The Rowing team also has a very competitive sculling squad as many of the recruits come from national teams in Europe.  This was a bonus for me as I am primarily a sculler.  The College of Aeronautics sets the school apart from others because I would be able to graduate as a corporate pilot, which is what I want to do after graduating.”

Michelle Zhong - Crew
Cornell University

 Michelle Zhong (second from stern)

Michelle Zhong (second from stern)

“Why Cornell? I was looking for a school that has gorgeous campus, challenging academics, and a rowing team with like-minded people who work hard both at practice and at school. During my official visit at Cornell, I went to two freshmen classes. I loved to be around people who ask thoughtful questions, and I could instantly picture myself studying there. Also, the team and coaches were very welcoming to me. I can’t wait to be part of the rowing family and continue to pursue my dreams.”


GH Werowinski - Crew and Nordic
Saint Lawrence University

GH Werowinski (in stern)

“I decided to go to Saint Lawrence both for the academic program that they had for environmental science and their sports programs. I was looking for a school that had teams that fit the competitive level that I wanted in both Nordic and Crew. I am still unsure if I want to row or ski so both programs had to have a place that I could fit. 

At SLU the crew program excited me. When I visited I spent the night and day with the team. I got to go to practice and really get to know the coach and team well. I don't know as much about the nordic team as I was "recruited" by the crew coach. In the end it came down to the fact that I would find a spot on each team but have a level of competition that I could grow to reach.”

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