Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Winchendon School - Loss (3-7) - November 2, 2016

Today's game was really interesting. In the first 15 minutes or so of the game, most our players seemed asleep. By 10 minutes into the first half, Winchendon had already scored 4 goals by outrunning our outside backs, crossing the ball, and tapping it in inside the 6. Through lots of loud reminders, the coaches reminded our players that we were indeed in the middle of a soccer game. Our backs started maintaining their shape and stopped chasing the ball and/or moving too far out of position.

Nate Gryczka (Keene, NH) had a particularly strong game and showed real poise and skill in his choices to either move aggressively up field or to patiently maintain his position on the field. Once our midfield got going, Cam Harrington (Francestown, NH), Joey Hynes (Dover, MA), and Fab Joseph (Easton, PA) did a great job of delivering the ball up to our strikers (Otto Vogel (Dublin, NH), Ben Simon (New York, NY), Quinn Wilson (Dublin, NH), Wyatt Hodgkins (Bradenton, FL), and Joey). The pivotal moment in the game was towards the end of the first half when our strikers started pressuring Winchendon's backs and successfully forcing the ball to the outside (rather than the middle). 

The second half was a completely different game. Dublin held Winchendon 3-2 in goals. Our first goal came from a chest/shoulder deflection off of center back, Geoff Erickson (Concord, NH), after a corner kick. The next goal was a glorious upper corner goal from the top of the 18 by Ben Simon. Our 3rd and last goal came from a direct kick 25 yards out from Fab, a sight to behold. Had the second half been the entire game, we would have easily made it a one goal game.

Dublin School

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