Winter Electives Announced

 A full slate of winter term electives were announced this week.


  • Ballet and Pointe This is a studio technique course that will meet during the academic day. The focus of the course is on building strength and flexibility through ballet technique.
  • New Play Lab II: Content  The second term of New Play Lab focuses on playwriting, the art of adaptation, and dramaturgy. Students will develop the script for an original production, taking in turn the roles of author, actor, director, and critic.

  • Drawing II Learning to draw is essentially learning to see more clearly and learning how to interpret what is seen. This is an intensive studio course for the beginning art student.

  • Two Dimensional Design I Drawing teaches us to see and to reproduce and manipulate what we see.  Design explores the systems relationships in visual art.

  • Three Dimensional Design Three Dimensional Design envelops students in the study and creation of artwork that is defined by the elements of form, space and volume.  Emphasis is on critical thinking applied to problems with multiple solutions.

  • Digital Photography II Introduces students to the fundamentals of photography, including basic theory, connections between traditional and digital photography, camera controls, camera/Photoshop interface, “Developing”/editing in Photoshop and strategies for maximizing print quality with the Iris ink jet printer.

  • Woodworking II - Forest to Finish gives students the opportunity to create artistic and functional pieces from local resources.  Students will learn about different species of wood and their use in furniture making and sculpture. 

  • Music Theory through SongwritingThis course is designed to supply an enhanced knowledge of music theory and to promote fluency and quickness with basic music materials. This course will include the study of melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, and song form.

  • Piano Studies This course is designed to develop students' skill set on piano (technique, expression, performance) and to expand and diversify their piano repertoire.

  • Vocal Studies This course is designed to develop students' vocal and performance techniques, as well as expanding and diversifying their knowledge of vocal literature. Students may choose to focus on classical, jazz, musical theatre, or contemporary voice methods.

  • Guitar Studies This course is designed to develop students' skill set (technique, expression, performance) on the guitar, ukulele, banjo, or other strummed/fretted string instruments.


  • Intermediate Poetry Writing  In this intermediate course, we will focus heavily on the poetry of modern and contemporary American poets so as to establish a better sense of our personal poetics both in how we diverge from past writers as well as how we wish to emulate or converse with them through our own work. 

  • Research Topics in Self, Sexuality, and Society Extending on the fall literature and human sexuality offering, “Research Topics in Self, Sexuality, and Society” will further investigate the five circles of sexuality: intimacy, identity, sensuality, sexualization, and sexual and reproductive health.


  • History of Argentina during the 20th century As a part of our new Spanish Language program, Dublin School will offer a class in the area of humanities fully taught in Spanish. “History of Argentina during the 20 th century” will have a social, political, and cultural focus.

  • China in the 20th Century As China is consolidating a position of world leadership, knowledge of its dynamic past is essential. This course follows the twisting path of Chinese politics and culture in the 20th century, from the ending of the Qing Dynasty to the present.

  • Race in America What does it mean to be an American? What does it mean to be a person of color in the United States today? This course will explore the meanings of race in America and analyze the causes and possible consequences of racist ideologies.


  • Anatomy Anatomy of movement is an interdisciplinary course in the basics of anatomy and physiology and their functional relationship to human movement in disciplines such as dance, exercise, art and sport. 

  • Introduction to Astronomy To study Astronomy is to grapple with the concept of scale, from the infinitesimally small (hydrogen atoms fusing in a young star) to the unimaginably large (~26 trillion miles to our closest stellar neighbor). In this course, we’ll work our way outward, beginning with our Solar system, moving on to our Milky Way galaxy, and eventually farther still, to other galaxies and deep space.


  • iDesign II As a follow-on to term I, iDesign II expands students’ understandings of the foundations of integrated/programmable technologies based around the Arduino microcontroller. In this project-based class, students learn to build and program their own sensor circuits they then deploy for artistic effect and to solve real-world problems.

  • Innovation: Sources and Solutions This one-term technology class explores how to identify real-world problems and how to solve them through technological innovation based on Don Norman’s methods of Human Centered Design of Everyday Things.

  • Intro to HTML and Web Design Taught by the international best-selling author of O’Reilly & Associates’ HTML: The Definitive Guide, students learn how to read, interpret, and write their own Hyper-Text Markup Language documents for the Internet’s World Wide Web. Students also learn to use state-of-the-art web-design tools and to sometimes fix the underlying HTML they produce.

  • Big Data: Extracting Needles from Digital Haystacks Google, Facebook, the NSA—you name it, they all rely upon software technologies to sort through the vast amounts of data generated every day by millions of Internet users to find bad guys, understand natural trends, to target-sell you their advertiser’s products, and so much more. How do they do that? How might you sift through your own digital universe for world-changing insights?

  • Basic Electronics Circuitry and Design Basic Electronics and Circuitry Design is a one-term technology class in which students discover the fundamentals of our modern electronics technologies while learning, hands-on, how to design and construct their own electronic circuit boards.

Courses may be altered based on student interest.

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